General Questions

What’s involved in designing a custom home?

A custom home is designed by combining the client’s vision for their home with an expert designer who understands the ins-and-outs of home building and can help make the vision a reality. At Arterra Custom Homes we bring over 36 years combined experience in designing and building new homes into the design process. First, we meet with our clients to discuss what they want, what budget they have, and to review any pictures and ideas they have collected. From there we begin the design process. Once an initial design is completed, the clients will review. We will compile the comments and changes requested and tweak the design until we reach a solution that fully represents the client’s wishes.

How long is the custom home design process?

The length of time to design a custom home depends on many factors. It depends on whether we are starting the design from scratch or if the clients already have some idea of what they want. It can also depend on how intricate or big a house is. It can take from a few weeks to a few months.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

It can take anywhere from 4 months to approximately 10 months to build a custom home. It really depends on the size of the house and the time of year in which it is being built. The larger the house, the longer each building step takes. Also, a home started in spring or summer will typically be built quicker than a home build started in the fall or winter, when weather starts to dictate working days. At Arterra Custom Homes, once the design is completed, we apply for the permit and get ready to start the build. Kristi of Arterra Custom Homes then sets up selection meetings to help with any questions or concerns a client may have. Keeping on schedule is important and Kristi is there every step of the way to ensure everything stays on track.

What is an infill home?

An infill home is a home built in an existing, mature neighborhood. Usually it is built on a lot where an existing home is in major disrepair and needs to be demolished. Sometimes it could be a lot that has been partitioned off from another lot.

Can I build a custom home on property that I own?

Absolutely! Whether you build on your own property or purchase a home or lot from a builder, the design and build process is the same. At Arterra Custom Homes, we are happy to design and build your dream home on one of our lots or your own lot, it’s your choice.

Who insures a custom home while it’s under construction?

The builder insures the home while it’s under construction.

Do you offer a warranty on your new home?

Yes, we do offer a warranty on every new home. As members of the Tarion New Home Warranty Program, we follow their policies and procedures with regards to the warranty process.

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